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Hellenic Network in Bavaria focused on Businesses and Executives


We are a dynamic and fast-growing group of Greek executives and businessmen. We live and work in Bavaria in different fields of activities. The coordination team consists of professionals from different areas with a solid understanding for the needs of the Greek business community in Bavaria and the specific goals that we have to achieve.

We happily accepted the challenge to fulfill those goals in order to see the Greek business community grow and offer to the Greek society in Bavaria the best in terms of networking and activities. 


As a coordination team, but most importantly as members of the Greek society in Bavaria, we have a clear vision of how a business network should work. It is clear that we need to build a tangible and dynamic as a lively and active community of relevant businessmen and executives. It should be a place where members can communicate with other peers, share their knowledge and finally help and support each other. 

Our network will be built through a lot of events and activities of the HNBEBavaria that will be focused to enhance the local Greek community and to create strong bonds among its members.