Invitation to participate in the network of Greek businessmen and business executives


Dear compatriots,


The network of Greek Entrepreneurs and Business Executives of Bavaria HNBEBavaria, primarily aims at the effective interconnection, networking and development of solidarity and mutual support between its members.

The network will function as a channel of information, communication and mutual assistance with those who share common professional interests, while at the same time it will develop actions and initiatives on issues of wider business and financial interest.

The network will also seek the development of channels of cooperation and two-way communication with both Greek and Bavarian authorities and bodies. It will also actively contribute to the planning, support and implementation of actions to promote our country and strengthen Greek-Bavarian economic and business cooperation.

In this context, in a first phase, the network will undertake the systematic registration, by industry, profession and specialty, of Greek businessmen and business executives operating in Munich, and then, possibly, throughout Bavaria. It will thus enable all interested parties to meet and possibly get in touch with their colleagues and colleagues, but also with potential partners, partners, suppliers or customers.

The members of the network will therefore have access and immediate information on activities and initiatives that concern each professional category or group, and will be able to actively participate in initiatives and events in areas of special interest to each of its members.

At the same time, the network will strengthen the collective promotion of the interests of the business community of the Greek community and will particularly encourage the activity of distinguished businessmen and scientists, who are able to contribute to the improvement of the professional and social integration conditions of its members and to upgrade its image. of our country in Bavaria.

A concrete example could be the cooperation in matters of vocational education and training, in cooperation with the Municipality of Munich and other Bavarian institutions, through the offer of employment opportunities and development of professional skills by companies of Greek interests and executives who hold senior positions in Bavarian agencies and companies.

It is pointed out that the Municipality of Munich and other Bavarian bodies have requested permanent cooperation for the activation of the Greek business community, taking into account that the Greeks are the fourth largest foreign community in Munich.

Participation in the activity of the network is done on a voluntary basis and does not imply the creation of obligations, except of course the explicit acceptance of the access of the other members of the network to the contact details of each of its members.

We therefore call on all our interested compatriots to respond to our invitation, to register and to actively participate in the network of Greek businessmen and business executives and in the initiatives that will be taken in the immediate future.

Thank you in advance for your expected response and we hope that soon we will have the opportunity to get in touch with you and work together in joint actions to promote our collective interests and the goals of our network.